Due to disruptions in the global supply chain and the increasing costs of raw materials, labor and freight, a 9.5% order surcharge will be applied.

As the COVID-19 pandemic extends into the coming year, our clients and colleagues continue to persevere through these trying times. It is of utmost importance to us as a company to remain in contact with our customers and sales representatives as we safely navigate through this changing world of retail.

We are closely monitoring all orders coming through and are shipping daily to provide our clients with the quality performance they expect. We continue operations with a small number of employees, all the while practicing social distancing, to reduce the possibility of transmission and keep everyone healthy and virus-free.

To help ensure quick and efficient service, please reach out to us at sales@zodax.com or call us at 800-800-3443.

The Zodax staff is actively working round the clock processing orders, updating customer notes, receiving calls, and reviewing emails, to proactively support our customers and sales representatives.

We are grateful for your loyalty during these difficult and unforeseen events of the past year. With continued disruptions in the global supply chain and the drastically increasing cost of raw materials, labor and freight, it is an unfortunate necessity that we temporarily increase our freight surcharge from 5% to 9.5%.

As of Monday, August 30, 2021, we will be implementing this updated surcharge on all new orders. As a courtesy to you, all purchases made prior to Monday will remain at the 5% surcharge, and all purchases made prior to June 21, 2021, will remain exempt. Surcharges only apply to net merchandise costs, not domestic freight charges, and will be included on all future invoices.

These are demanding times that require us to keep the lines of communication open. We work to achieve this by providing weekly updates and information to all our valued customers and representatives. As we navigate through the worst of this year, we appreciate your continued support, and look forward to a better tomorrow!

The Team at Zodax